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Environmentally friendly recycled aluminium materials.
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Constructed from commercial grade extruded aluminium and will never rust.
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Low Maintenance

Never needs to be painted or stained for as long as you own it.
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Super strong frame, will not bend or break.
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Quality Workmanship

Professionally qualified expertise, delivering high quality workmanship.

Guillotine Glass System

The Guillotine Glass System, also known as the movable handrail system, are basically glass panels that opens and closes by moving vertically and automatically. In addition to being a quality solution with a high production standard, it offers optimum performance in thermal insulation, solar energy gain and transparency. The system has 3 panels that can be opened up and down vertically by remote control and provides protection from external factors such as water, air, dust and sound. It can easily move up and down manually to avoid hand injury for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Remote controlled motorized Guillotine Glass System are ideal for cafes, restaurants, private houses, terraces, patios and gardens.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal insulation: High-level thermal insulation and insulating glass profile options.
  • Sound Insulation: Provides 60% sound insulation.
  • Wind Protection: Very useful in adverse weather conditions.
  • Uninterrupted Landscape: Offers an continuous panorama to specially designed spaces that work vertically.
  • Automatic operation: Controlled or timed opening and closing options.
  • Ventilation: Continuous ventilation in adverse weather conditions with the ability of the glass blades to stand in the desired place.
  • Glass Railing: Acts as a 100% safe glass railing, especially in terrace implementation.
  • Unlocked Security: Special security glass and profile system provides unlocked security systems.
  • Freedom and Comfort: Easy-to-use system offers a high level of comfort close to nature.

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Rolling Roof System

The Rolling Roof System can be applied in almost every application and offers a combination of folding and gathering movements that is unmatchable. The panels can be opened at any angle making it possible to utilize the desired amount of sunlight and thanks to the folding movement of the panels, does not lose the shading feature while providing ventilation from the roof. Even when the system is opened, it allows ventilation via special designed profiles without being affected by wet weather conditions. It is possible to powder coat in every desired colour and is long lasting. A mono system can be applied in up to a 50 m2 area (50 m2/1xEngine). The system can be installed on any uneven surface and the pillar is tuneable to ensure that the system works properly. Owing to the folding motion of the panels, the outside cleaning of the panels can be carried out from the inside without going up to the roof. The Rolling Roof System is the best suited for restaurants and cafes where smoking is not allowed normally, but can also be used in the most effective way in homes, summer houses, game rooms, tea gardens and many other places without any concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality materials and creative designs.
  • Provides a solid structure with a stylish appearance.
  • Quality, elegance and comfort together.
  • Offers folding and gathering movements like no other sunroof system in the world offer
  • Endures in the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Can be automated.

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Glass Ceiling System

Moving Glass Ceiling Systems are designed to make a difference in every space with their different appearance from traditional ceiling systems. The Glass Ceiling System offers the privilege of seeing the sky yet providing full protection against seasonal conditions. With its structure that reduces the effect of the sun in summer, it also shields difficult weather conditions such as rain and cold. With its practical feature, it has a concept that allows different visual details in every area. It allows the creation of unique touches with the privileged effect of ensuring that areas such as gardens and terraces have their original appearance. The mobile system, designed as a Glass Ceiling System, has remote controllability. Fixed Glass Ceiling System are also available and are primarily used in restaurants, cafes, and terrace coatings, giving a modern look. There are many options and special designs that can be created in consideration of the application area and the customer's request.

Features & Benefits

  • The advantages of Glass Ceiling Systems are that they provide originality to all areas where they are used and expectations are realized in all details with quality, durable and extremely stylish designs.
  • It is guaranteed to be waterproof and rustproof.
  • Reinforced tempered laminated glass is used to provide insulating benefits.
  • In addition to their use in the preservation of appearances, they stand out as a prestigious look for businesses such as hotels, cafes and restaurants but are also suitable for individual areas.

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Moving Awning System

Moving Awning (Pergola) Systems are perfect for making places more useful and enjoyable. The Movable Awning System is preferred as it can be easily applied to almost any area, whether small or large and offers luxury and comfort in any application. They are available in aluminium designs and are wall-mounted freestanding. It has a system based on the rail system and is adapted on aluminium carriers. Awnings are used in cafes and restaurants, pools, some lounges and gathering areas, gardens, terraces and many other places.

Features & Benefits

  • It has a roof cover that opens and closes making it suitable for all seasonal conditions.
  • It can be opened and closed on request based on weather conditions.

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Thermopane Glass Sliding System

The Thermopane Glass Sliding System, made up of thermo-paned and double tempered glass is more secure, and provides effective insulation therefore saving an enormous amount of energy. It allows you to live in a more comfortable and more isolated place in all seasons. The features and colours of the glass increases the degree of performance. Thermopane is made of security glass to safeguard against accidents and theft. Glazing sizes may vary from 40cm to 100cm and the system height should not exceed 270cm. Dimensions of the tempered glass are 4+8+4 (16mm)

Features & Benefits

  • The Thermopane Glass Sliding System is designed and ideal for use in cafés, offices and homes.

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Sliding Glass System

The Sliding Glass System offers a variety of models and can be considered an alternative to the foldable glass system. Compared to folding glass system which work on the principle of the rail system, opening and closing the window in the Sliding Glass System is slightly faster. Sliding Glass Systems are advantageous as they can be easily used in smaller areas, partitions and narrow areas. A long-lasting structure is created with the perfect quality of content and material. The system height should not exceed 270cm and the size of glazing may vary from 40cm to 100cm.

Features & Benefits

  • This system is highly preferred because it provides practical use and effective thermal insulation that saves a lot of money through extremely high energy savings.
  • Based on the usage area, the Sliding Glass System can be divided into 2 categories. The sliding system with threshold which is used for exterior, and the sliding system without threshold which is used for Interior glasses with different colours and features that improve insulation properties.
  • The Sliding Glass System is an all season system that will provides the comfortable feel.
  • It is most commonly used in buildings and apartments.

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Wind Breaker System

The windows of the Wind Breaker System move up and down horizontally. The system is designed to withstand 6 wind intensities on the Beaufort scale, which corresponds to a speed of 50 km/h. The motor is CE-certified with remote control. The maximum sizes should be 300x180 cm. System glass lift wheels are aluminium alloy manufactured by CNC production process. There are 2 rail profiles in the system of which the aluminium profile is 82mmx150 in size. The system makes the glass up and down movement through a TI016 mm timing belt. Electrostatic powder paint is applied and the CNC laser cutting metal apparatus is electro-galvanized.

Features & Benefits

  • The system is designed in accordance with 4-season conditions.

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